Candle Care

A Longer Life for your Newly Purchased Candles       

  • Burn candles only in a draft-free environment away from fans, open windows, air ducts, etc.                    This will help to prevent dripping or smoking. 
  • Proper trimming of wick to 1/4" ensures that your beeswax candle will burn with a strong, bright, beautiful flame. It helps to prevent the candle from smoking or dripping, which happens if the wick is too long. Trimming also removes any minute particles that could collect and interrupt wax flow. Careful not to trim wick too short as it may drown in the wax pool resulting in a low flame or making it difficult to re-light.


Tealight Candle
Tealights can have a longer life if trimmed to 1/4" and inserted into a votive holder, 
maintaining a draft free environment

Extinguishing a Cotton Wick   The easy and smoke free way to extinguish tea light and pillar candles is to gently push the wick into the wax pool until the candle is extinguished and then gently straighten

Votive Candle Care
After testing, it is concluded that a Votive should only be burned in a votive holder as the candle does
not hold its shape.

Pillar Candle Care

--The initial process requires full attention first few hours and 12-24 hours to set

--Helps to avoid tunneling and relighting issues.

--Recommended prior to an event
Step 1 :   Trim wick 1/4" 
Step 2  :  Light wick from the base 
Step 3  :  Important: allow 1-3 hours to create a wax bowl to the edge-called the mantle
  (( if extinguished too soon, creating a 1" mantle, this will simply require regular hugging to ensure tunneling does not occur))
>> We recommend a mantle of 3/8" for a tall golden mantle or 1/4" will create a thin mantle to hug-in
   (( Caution: not to beach wall/mantle, this prevents dripping)) 
Step 4  :  When preferred mantle is reached, extinguish wick by dunking into wax/straighten, set for 24 hrs.
Hug your beeswax pillar?     Occasionally it is necessary to gently press the edges of the candle towards the centre to ensure all the beeswax burns, only after extinguishing the wick.  It's fun to hug your candle while its burning but this will cause the wax level to rise and drown the wick.
Any Problems? Here are a few solutions
My Wick has Drowned :(  - No worries -
Option 1  -  extinguish wick and little-by-little remove some wax with a lightly oiled spoon (this way you can save or add back, later on), until it re-lights.  If not, try option 2
Option 2 - , straighten the extinguish wick and leave for 12 hrs and it should re-light. 
My Mantle Melted :(   burn on a dish.
-  extinguish wick, removing some of the wax with a lightly oiled spoon (this way you can save or add back, later on).
Extinguished Initial burn to soon...simple fix
-  if extinguished too soon and creating a 1" mantle, the wall will require a lot hugging down when wick is extinguished to ensure tunneling does not occur

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